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Favourite Books Bookshop


For Romantic Love Poetry and Vows For Weddings - Anniversaries - Engagements - and - For Romantic Bereavement Poetry For Memorial Services and Funerals - And - For A Romantic Love Poetry Performance Poet To Read and Recite Beautiful Romantic Poems Live At:  Wedding Ceremonies - Wedding Receptions - Wedding Anniversary Celebrations - Handfasting Ceremonies - Engagement Dinners - Funerals and Memorial Ceremonies and Services - And - To Commission Romantic Love Poems or Romantic Bereavement Poems - Special Wedding Vows - and - Romantic Love Poems For Wedding Stationery - Please Contact Merlynda Robinson at Passionate Poems - 


Merlynda is a multi Award Winning Cabaret Comedy Songs Singer Songwriter - a Comedy Cabaret Artiste - a Unique and Highly Original Singing Ventriloquist - and - a Marlene Dietrich Soundalike Tribute Act Artiste.

She performs for adults-only audiences at a variety of Venues including: 

Theatres - Cabaret Clubs - Black Tie Events - Balls - British Music Halls Live Entertainments - Jazz Clubs - Variety Clubs - Live Music Events - Live Comedy Events - Music Festivals - at Private Parties - Receptions - at Special VIP Events - and - Live On Radio! 

For More Information - and - To Book Merlynda Marlene For Your Event/Theatre/Festival - and - To Book Seats At Merlynda's very own bijou Live Comedy Cabaret Performance Venue in Devon, England - the:  'Merlynda Marlene Cabaret Club' - where she performs her Original an multi Award Winning Cabaret Comedy Songs - her Comical - Cute - Unique - and - Highly Original  - Singing Ventriloquist Cabaret Act - and - her Marlene Dietrich Soundalike Tribute Artiste Act - Every Wednesday and Saturday Evening (unless otherwise stated) - Please Call:  

Information/Enquiries/Bookings - Tel: 01237 431166

- Or Click on the following Link:


For The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain - Founder: Merlynda Robinson
Learn Ventriloquism! Workshops - Every Saturday
The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain Professional Ventriloquist Foundation Course
Miss Merlynda & Friends! - Professional Street and Walkabout Ventriloquist
Please Visit - The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain website -

For Hilarious Cartoons & Caricatures
Beautiful Animal Portraits
Quirky Character Portraits
Gorgeous and Cute Drawings and Paintings of Animals
And - Portrait - Caricature - Cartoon Commissions
Fine Art Exhibitions
Please Visit - The Inky Sunday Cartoon & Animal Art Gallery -

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